New Owner’s Track Drive

BMW Performance Driving School


You’ve conquered the test drive; now prepare for the ultimate thrill. Every new BMW purchased in 2020 comes with a complimentary track drive at the BMW Performance Center. You’ll push BMWs on a closed course through adrenaline-inducing exercises and learn why they call it the Ultimate Driving Machine®.

To book a class, please call 888-345-4BMW. Please have your VIN, the date of sale and location of your BMW Center ready when you call.

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What is the New Owners Track Drive?

The New Owner’s Track Drive is a partial day program that’s free for all new BMW purchases made in 2020.

What does it include?

The program itself consists of a Performance Drive on track (lapping in multiple BMW models), an off-road excursion
in an X-vehicle, a Hot Lap with a pro driver, and an elective wrap-up Q&A session with a BMW expert.

What is the cost of the program?

The program is Complementary for all new programs purchases and is valued at $299 per person ($598 total). However, it cannot be used towards the vehicle purchase, nor can it be used as credit towards another program.

What is needed to redeem the program?

The new owner should verify the potential calendar dates that would work for them then call our 800 number with their VIN, BMW Center name and date of sale. The BMW Performance Center reservations team will do the coordination of the schedule and provide the driver with information they need to attend the class.

>Does the program include meals or lodging?

No, the participants will have to provide their own travel, meals and accommodations. We do have reasonably priced gourmet
dining available in our cafes with a wide variety of choices for both breakfast and lunch. Complimentary coffee and bottled water are included at both locations. There are also recommended hotel rooms through our network of lodging partners.

How many people are able to come to the performance center?

The program includes one vehicle per two people: the new owner and their guest. They will share a vehicle and switch driving rotations in each of the exercises.

Does the program come with used BMW sales certified sales?

Unfortunately, no, this offer is only available for new BMWs purchased in 2020. Contact the BMW Performance Center to acquire
Gift Certificates with a 25% Off discount if you’d like to include a driving experience in other sales.

Who do I contact to find out more information?

Visit BMW performance for further program information interview the calendar of available dates. New owners can also send emails to our reservations team at or call 888-3454 BMW.

Will customers drive the same model they’ve purchased?

Due to the limitations of fleet inventory and specific model attributes, we cannot guarantee participants will drive the same model that they’ve purchased. There will be 3-4 different vehicles driven throughout the day.

Is the program transferable?

The New Owner’s Track Drive can be utilized by any licensed driver at the same address as the vehicle’s purchaser.